october 2020 wrap-up

happy halloween!

i can’t believe it’s already the end of october! the month literally flew by.

for me, october was filled with lots of school work and tests, but also strange weather! i swear, the weather in germany has dramatic mood swings 😂 it was 4º with rain one day and 24º with sun the next… that’s why i’m going to dress like an onion from now on, because as shrek once said, ogres have layers 😤

books i read this month:

i read a grand total of 5 books this month! and i’m “currently reading” 7 more so… I’d count that as a win. however, all of these books were read in the first half of the month, when i had less work and more time to read. the end of october was completely filled with tests, so i read absolutely nothing 😂

house of earth and blood (cc #1) by sarah j maas – ✩✩✩✩

review here on the blog! personally, i felt like this was a good NA debit for SJM. i think book 2 will be more predictable, since she really likes to switch the love interests, but i’m looking forward to reading it nonetheless!

from blood and ash (fbaa #1) by jennifer l armentrout – ✩✩✩

review here on the blog! this book severely disappointed me in terms of plot and character, but it’s one of few spicy YA/NA fantasy books on the market right now so i suppose we’ll have to make do. the characters are so one-dimensional, and hawke’s one singular dimple is talked about on every. single. page. yes we get it JLA he smiles, okay?

a kingdom of flesh and fire (fbaa #2) by jennifer l armentrout – ✩✩✩+.5

review on goodreads! no spoilers here, but i think this was better than book 1! spice was still good, and characters were slightly more in depth.

breakfast at tiffany’s by truman capote – ✩✩✩✩

i read this book (or rather, short story) for school and i actually enjoyed it? i like capote’s writing style, as well as his truthful and unfiltered opinions on society at the time that he offers through the eyes of the protagonist. and no, the movie was nothing like the book. the book is so much better, even without all the frilly romance that the movie capitalizes upon. also, the narrator doesn’t have a name in the book, which i found really interesting.

the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski – ✩✩✩

review on goodreads! again, another disappointment. the first 70% of the book was complete filler and could have been condensed into 100 pages. the romance goes from 0 to 100 within like, 2 chapters, and really doesn’t show the steps in between. the action starts so late in the book, but is actually really good. i would have liked it better if the author just cut out all the frilly introduction and atmospheric chapters and introduced the main conflict at 40%, instead of near the end.

shows i binged this month:

i’m not usually one for watching tv shows, but i binged two whole netflix shows within a week at the end of the month… no regrets though, because they were cinematic masterpieces!!!

the witcher ✩✩✩✩✩

if you haven’t watched this show yet, what are you waiting for? in my humble opinion, this is the one of the best shows ever created. sure, it may not be completely faithful to the books and the games (both of which i am now obsessed with), but the casting was absolutely spectacular. henry cavill was born to play geralt, and anya chalotra as yennefer. i am so in love with the characters and the plot, and i can’t wait for season two!

the queen’s gambit ✩✩✩✩

I binged all 7 episodes in a day, and I think that says something about how much i loved it…. each episode is only around an hour long, so the show is a quick watch. the story is set in the 50’s, where a young orphaned girl learns to play chess in the basement of the orphanage-type-thing and gets quite addicted to tranquilizer pills. the storytelling is brutally honest and brash, and that’s one of my favorite things about it. also, it makes me feel smart with all the intricate chess games that beth plays.

let’s chat!

how was october 2020 in your opinion? did you have any favorite reads? please chat with me in the comments, i promise i’ll reply!


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