my star rating scale

below is how i will rate my books, on a 1 to 5 star scale. since 5 stars is the highest, it will be reserved for the books that i find absolutely amazing (which might be very few). not everyone will agree with my opinions, and that’s okay! share your opinions with me in the comments of the review, and i’d be happy to have a discussion 🙂

DNF/Did Not Finish — i wasn’t able to get through this book, because multiple aspects (eg. plot, characters, writing style) were lacking. i might go back to it after some time and attempt to get through it again.

★☆☆☆☆ EW EW EW — i completely hated this book, and I will not be reading it ever again! i had several big issues with it, and some aspects may have been offensive to me. do not recommend.

★★☆☆☆ UHHH AIGHT — i liked some parts of this book, but it was overall not very appealing. it was lacking in some areas, but there were some moments that i enjoyed. maybe recommend to a narrow audience.

★★★☆☆ MHM I LIKE — i enjoyed reading this book! there were still a few parts that could have been written better, but it didn’t bother me very much. it was overall a good read, and i might reread it in the future. i would recommend this to most people!

★★★★☆ I LOVE, I STAN — i adored this book! i felt in tune with the characters and the writing style, and i was very invested in the plot! there were minimal things that could have been improved. i will definitely read this book again, and i recommend this to everyone!

★★★★★ A-FREAKING-MAZING — i could not put this book down! i’m thinking about this book all the time! the plot was unique, there were plot twists i didn’t expect, and the author’s writing style was *chef’s kiss*! i will reread this all the time and i recommend this to everyone!

now that the star rating scale is out of the way, i can start posting book reviews! look forward to that coming soon!


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